Why might a distributor be interested in selling purging compounds?

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Easypurge Purging Compounds

Although selling this product can be difficult and requires a great deal of effort on the part of the sales and technical team, today there are concentrated purging compounds that consistently simplify the most common challenges.

If you are a distributor, selling purging compounds can be beneficial for several reasons.
Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Expanding your customer base

One of the main reasons is the opportunity to expand your customer base.
This specialized and specific product for color, material changes, and black speck removal in injection molding and extrusion processes allows distributors to reach companies that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to reach.
By offering purging solutions for plastic injection molding and extrusion machines, distributors can catch the attention of companies that need to maintain efficiency and quality in their production processes. This gives them the opportunity to establish long-lasting business relationships and increase their customer base.

Cross-selling potential

Selling a purging compound for extruders and injectors can open doors for cross-selling.
By establishing relationships with plant, production or process managers of companies that purchase these products, distributors have the opportunity to offer other complementary products.
For example, they can offer color masters, compounds, ancillary equipment and other plastics-related products.
By leveraging the potential of cross-selling, distributors can increase their sales volume and boost business relationships.

Long-term benefits of selling purging compounds

In addition to providing a new source of revenue, selling a purging compound for injection molding and extruders has a positive impact on the company because, by providing specialized solutions and building relationships with decision-makers, distributors can strengthen their position in the marketplace; and enhance their reputation as reliable suppliers and experts in the plastics industry.
This can lead to additional business opportunities and a sustained increase in sales over time.

What is the investment derived from the sales?

Since purging compounds are considered a “consumable”, it is very important to maintain a minimum stock for immediate dispatch.
The investment will be proportional to the number of grades and different presentations of the purge in question.
In this sense, concentrated purging compounds have a clear advantage, since only a type of product in stock will be necessary.

What criteria should you consider when distributing purging compounds?

Some companies offer more than 20 different grades of purging compounds and complex procedures for their use, which greatly complicates the task of selecting the right product for both the vendor and the end customer.
Therefore, it is important to ensure that using them is simple, as well as efficient and inexpensive.
By doing so, the salesforce will feel comfortable and have the resources to support their customers when needed.

In summary, selling a good purging compound can be beneficial for several reasons if you are a distributor.

First, it offers the opportunity to expand the customer base by gaining access to companies that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

In addition, the sale of purging compounds can open doors for cross-selling, facilitating the offering of complementary products and increasing sales volume.
In the long term, the sale of these compounds strengthens the company’s market position and enhances its reputation as a reliable and expert supplier in the plastics sector.

Regarding the investment derived from the sale of purging compounds, it is important to maintain a minimum stock for immediate dispatch, being proportional to the quantity and presentations of purging compounds handled.

When choosing a purging compound to distribute, it is important to consider efficiency, price and ease of use, making sure that both the salesforce and the end customers feel comfortable and have the necessary support.

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