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You will find all the information needed to perform a colour/material change with Easypurge

An answer to every question, a solution to every situation

Step by Step clean-up procedures


Share the details of your machine with us and we will provide a step by step application process in order to give you all pieces of advice to perform the best cleaning possible.



From the time you decide to try Easypurge you will have access to a range of video tutorials that will help your team to perform a colour change with ease. Leave the explanations to us.

Learn from successful cleanups with Easypurge

We regularly publish procedures that have helped to solve common colour/material changes issues. 

Online Support of your Automatic Purging System


Our support team can help you set up your Easypurge APS wherever you are based.

Connect your device to our network to remotely help you to:

  1. Train your team with live demonstrations
  2. Create new Machines and moulds and purging processes
  3. Calibrate APS Pump based on your needs.

Contact Support Team

If you or your team feel the need to talk to someone to address a concern or a technical question you can always schedule a consultation call with our advisors. 

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Live Chat

Do you have further questions? Chat in with our live support team to address any concerns.