Easy purge Purging compound Sachets

A quick, safe and easy way to apply our concentrated purging emulsion

for injection moulding processes producing prime plastics.

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One product

For all thermoplastic materials

 (135°C– 350°C)



Report 3 times lower cost than usual in your next color change process

“You can prevent the appearance of black specks by avoiding that your production resins are exposed to the wrong temperatures”

Tackle down carbon contamination by using the right procedure when:
  • Changing materials that work at different temperatures.
  • Exposing materials to long residence time during machine shutdowns/restarts.”

How Easypurge works?

Increases MFI

Allowing the material to flow accross the system with ease.

Increases volume

Allowing the purge to reach negative flow sites.


Placing all impurities and pigments in suspension.

Developed in collaboration with:

How to use:  

1– Displace the hopper

2-  Load the virgin material directly in the spindle throat

3- Add the Easypurge purging compound sachet. (Unopened)

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1) Keep the same screw speed and the same temperature of last material in production.  Empty the barrel.

2) Displace the hopper, load the virgin material directly in the spindle throat and add the Easypurge purging compound sachet on it. (Unopened), as indicated bellow:


Machine size

Amount of

Virgin material



50 T 1,0 Kg 1 sachet
100 T 1,0 Kg 1 sachet
200 T 1,0 Kg 1 sachet
400 T 2,0 Kg 2 sachets
800 T 4,0 Kg 4 sachets
1000 T 5,0 Kg 5 sachets
2000 T 10,0 Kg 10 sachets


3) Let react for 2 or 3 minutes and purge with virgin material to remove all traces of color and/or degraded material previously released by EASYPURGE APC.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the system is completely clean. (Minimum 2 times)

5) Start new production.

One of our last Colour Change tests:

Machine: 700T / Factory Location: Germany / Colour: Black to White

60% Purging Cost Reduction

Black specks? Colour streaks? Let’s talk


You know all about your production lines, we specialize in purging compound, let’s work together.

What our clients say

“ We have had several production rejections during this year, due to the presence of black specks. We’re happy to see that we have found the correct process and product for this common material change for us ”.

Federico Tuliano

Production Manager

EASYPURGE APC components are listed in “indirect additive used in food contact” or classified as “Generally recognized as safe” by the FDA and are identified in the TSCA and REACH inventory list.  Emission free, odorless, non-toxic and contains no solvents or abrasives.

Any difficult material changeover? Any black specks?

Give it a try to our purging compound. No strings attached.