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Clean Hot runners injecting preforms in Automatic

Introducing the latest purging compound technology in pet preform color change.

What is it?

Easypurge APC is a concentrated emulsion purging compound


3 times cheaper than pellet based purging compounds.


Automatic hot runners cleaning while injecting preforms with our innovative dosifier.


No disassemble needed. Just one operator required for the purging process.

Report 3 times lower cost than usual in your next color change process

How Easypurge works?

Increases MFI

Allowing the material to flow accross the system with ease.

Increases volume

Allowing the purge to reach negative flow sites.


Placing all impurities and pigments in suspension.

Developed in collaboration with:

Automatic Purging System

Easypurge APS is a dosing system, developed to solve in a simple, and economical way colour and/or material changes on machines that process large volumes. Sectors such as blow moulding, film, preform injection or injection of large pieces benefit greatly.

One of our last Colour Change tests

Factory Location: Mexico / Machine: Husky HyPET 300-120mm / Colour: Opaque white to Clear

50% Less Scrap

Black specks? Colour streaks? Let’s talk


Step 1

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Answer a few questions about your current production challenges.

Step 3

Received a tailored purging solution.

You know all about your production lines, we specialize in purging compound, let’s work together.

Test Easypurge with your machine

Husky, Netstal, Engel, Sipa, Toshiba and more 

Determined to reduce production scrap?

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Let’s improve quality and simplify your purging process while reducing change-over time, together.

What our clients say

“We used the APS to change color from opaque to clear. It is easier to use than any other method we have used before. We managed to clean the screw and the hot runners also and the result is very positive. We are happy to see that we produced less than 50% scrap than before,

Ramón López

Production Manager

EASYPURGE APC components are listed in “indirect additive used in food contact” or classified as “Generally recognized as safe” by the FDA and are identified in the TSCA and REACH inventory list.  Emission free, odorless, non-toxic and contains no solvents or abrasives.