Automatic Purging System

We have developed Easypurge Automatic Purging Compound to simplify colour changes while reducing scrap and downtime

How does the Automatic Purging System work?

The automatic purging system is designed for continuous, consistent and accurate purging compound dosing during machine clean-ups.

It allows full customization and controllability for all injection moulding and extrusion applications. Regular clean-ups procedures can be saved in the system memory to be used for multiple machines, moulds, colours or materials changes.

For PET preform injection processes the APS can be connected to the production machine to start or stop dosing automatically during clean-up cycles. 

Set up in Three Easy Steps

  1. Load machine details
  • Screw Diameter
  • Preform Weight
  • Number of cavities in the mould
  1. Select the area to clean and machine time load
  • Screw
  • Hot Runners

3. Start Easypurge dosing system

The APS will start dosing as soon as it receives the loading signal from the machine.

Clean the hot runners in fully automatic mode 

The APS allows injecting the recommended percentage of Easypurge purging compound into the mould, as a result, the preforms maintain an adequate structure in order to be removed by the robot without breaking apart.

Injecting preforms with Easypurge allows taking advantage of the injection pressure to remove contamination out of the hot runners.

Hazzard free purging process: No need to displace the mixer unit 

Just replace the colour feed with Easypurge’s nozzle. The automatic purging process requires only one operator, increasing productivity and improving safety. 


Automatic Purging System reduces scrap and downtime during colour changes

Reduction over 40% in scrap and downtime in comparison with pellet based purging compound applications.

Full control of the purging compound dosing for better results

A simple user interface to customize the dosage of the purging compound based on the colour, material, screw diameter, mould, dosing percentage, loading time and cycles.

Save regular purging procedures

You have the possibility to customize and save up to 200 colour change applications.


Built-in indicators lights of the process status

The APS comes with an audible alarm to notify the end of each cycle and light indicators to identify different procedure status

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  • Robust with preloaded software solutions for all types of processes and machines.
  • Ability to customize and store up to 200 different types of applications.
  • Front-loading peristaltic pump for easy and clean handling of the feeding tube.
  • Status indicator lights and audible alarm process by the end of cycle.


  • Drastically reduce the time and cost for cleaning.
  • Strict control of the consumption of purge material.
  • Repeatability procedures.
  • Ability to optimize the application for a particular change.
  • Security changes during work shifts with low supervision.


Online Support of your Automatic Purging System

Our support team can help you set up your Easypurge APS wherever you are based.

Connect your device to our network to remotely help you to:

  1. Train your team with live demonstrations.
  2. Create new machine presets and moulds and purging processes.
  3. Calibrate APS Pump based on your needs.

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