Injection Molding Colour Change with EasyPurge Purging Compound

PA6 FG 45% Black to PA6 FG 45% White

Goal: Reduce color change purging cost


Machine: 700T 

Material: PA6 FG 45%

Colour: Black to White

Purge: 140 ml

Time: 20 mins

Industry: Automotive

Factory Location: Germany

Scope: Nozzle



First, The barrel was emptied before the purging process.

Doses of 70ml of Easypurge purging compound were added into the hopper followed by virgin material.

Easypurge purging compound increases the volume of the melted mass, allowing purge to reach negative flow sites.

After the second pass of purging compound, the PA6 FG 45% white had no presence of colour contamination.

Injection Molding Color Change: Final Results


Purging Compound used

Purging Compound Cost

Colour Time Change

Pellet Purging compound

7 Kgs


80 Min


140 Ml


20 Min

Comment by the Process manager:

“ The machine operator appreciated the fact that he just need to pour a small dose of the purging compound versus climbing into the machine with a 25 kg bag of pellet purging compound we normally used”

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