Easypurge Active Purging Compound

It’s a concentrated purging emulsion that works as an additive to remove colour contamination and carbon residues out the barrel and hot runners.

Easy implementation: One product for all material changes in your factory

Designed for all thermoplastics that work from 135°C – 350°C making it easier to implement in factories that use different temperature range materials in production.

Easypurge Purging Compound Selection Chart

Hot Runners Cleaning
Carbon/Color Contamination
Color Changes
Material Changes



How does it work?

Easypurge increase the flow inside the barrel reducing overall downtime

 Due to additives that decrease the viscosity, the material inside the barrel becomes more fluid, increasing the flow in areas where usually the colour contamination is harder to remove as a check valve and barrel borders.

purging compound

Designed to reduce scrap cleaning the hot runners

Easypurge particles size are minuscule compared to the diameter of the hot runners of injection moulding machines allowing you to use its cleaning properties to remove stubborn impurities out of the hot runners. The formula doesn’t contain abrasives in order to avoid tear up of metal parts in the long term.

Our purging compound can be used in PET preform injection molding machines to clean the hot runners while the injecting preforms, allowing the transfer of the preform to the robot in automatic mode.

purging compound cleaning

Chemical agents in the formula mix with colour pigments and carbon residues

The formula contains chemical foaming agents that react at high temperatures inside the barrel. This reaction, similar to a boiling scenario, allows the purging compound to mix with carbon residues and colour pigments putting them in suspension that then will be easily pushed out by shots of virgin resin with ease.

Purging Compound Comparison: Liquid vs Mechanical

Learn more about liquid purging compounds, how they compare with mechanical purges, and what’s the best option for your process.

liquid purging compounds

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