Tubes and profiles

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Tubes and profiles

Extrusion 135ºC – 350ºC / 275ºF – 662ºF

Barrel, screw and extrusion head

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    • USE PURE
    1. Keep the same screw speed and the same temperature of last material in production. If the machine has a vacuum pump for gases, turn it off.
    2. Purge with virgin material to remove as much of the color or the material worked before.
    3. Load the hopper with virgin material according to Table 4 and added  directly to the material EASYPURGE APC dose, as indicated in the same table.

      TABLA 4

    Single Screw,  L/D 30

    Twin Screw,  L/D 40


    Amount of
    virgin material
    diameterAmount of
    virgin material

    40 mm

    1,0 kg20,0 ml30 mm1,0 kg

    20,0 ml

    50 mm1,5 kg30,0 ml40 mm2,0 kg


    60 mm

    3,0 kg60,0 ml50 mm4,0 kg80,0 ml
    70 mm5,0 kg100,0 ml60 mm7,0 kg

    140,0 ml

    80 mm

    7,0 kg140,0 ml70 mm12,0 kg240,0 ml

    90 mm

    10,0 kg200,0 ml80 mm20,0 kg

    400,0 ml

    100 mm12,0 kg240,0 ml90 mm30,0 kg

    600,0 ml

    120 mm

    20,0 kg400,0 ml100 mm36,0 kg720,0 ml
    150 mm40,0 kg800,0 ml120 mm50,0 kg

    1000,0 ml

    200 mm

    80,0 kg1600,0 ml130 mm76,0 kg1520,0 ml
       150 mm100,0 kg

    2000,0 ml


    1. Purge until it starts to come out and stop the machine.
    2. Let react for 2 or 3 minutes and purge with virgin material to remove all residues removed by the EASYPURGE APC.
    3. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until de system is completely clean.
    4. Start new production.