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Extrusion Blow Molding Material Change with EasyPurge Purging Compound


Goal: Material change and Black Specks Removal


Machine: Moretti 

Extruder Diameter: 100 mm

Material: PA to HDPE

Colour: Black to Clear

Industry: Automotive

Factory Location: Spain

Normal Results using Virgin Material

Time: 7:00 Hours
Virgin Material: 800 Kgs of HDPE

EasyPurge Purging Compound:

Time: 1:30 Hours
Easypurge Purging Compound: 0.8 Kgs
Virgin Material: 120 Kgs of HDPE

In order to improve the efficiency of the purging compound, the temperature of the accumulator was increased by 30 °C.

Dose of 240ml of Easypurge purging compound was added into the hopper followed by virgin material.


This process was repeated 3 times.

The purging material emulsifies the rest of the impurities and pigments due to additives and surfactants contained in the formula.

After 1:30 hours there were no presence of PA Black colour.

Note: There were no presence of stains during the next 2 shifts reviewed after 24 hours.

Final Results:




Presence of Black Specks

Virgin Material

7:00 Hrs

800 Kgs



1:30 Hrs

144 Kgs


Comment by the Process manager:

“Knowing that we won’t have black specks during production give us peace of mind. My favourite part is that we will keep the quality team away during production”.

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