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Extrusion Blow Molding Colour Change with EasyPurge Purging Compound


Goal: Downtime reduction


Machine: Mateu & Sole (Spain) 

Extruder Diameter: 120mm

Material: HDPE

Colour: Black to natural

Normal results using virgin material: 

Time: 8:30 Hours

Virgin Material: 960 Kgs of HDPE

Using EasyPurge Purging Compound:

Time: 3:00 Hours

EasypurgeAPC: 1,2 Kgs

Virgin Material: 135 Kgs of HDPE

First we increased the temperature of the accumulator by 30 °C to improve the efficiency of the purging compound.

Previous production of Black HDPE suitcases.  →→→→→→→→→→→

Although we could have used the doser built in the bottle, to automate the procedure, we decided to use Easypurge APS (Automatic Purging System) device for dosing 1.2 Kgs of Purging Compound.

The purging compound emulsifies the impurities and colour pigments.

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After 3 hours there was no presence of colour contamination.

24 hours later we confirmed there was no presence of black contamination during the next two shifts. 






Virgin Material: 

8:30 Hrs



3:00 Hrs


Comment by the Process manager:

“The dose of Easypurge purging compound was easy using the Automatic Purging System, we have had cleaning process under control at all time”

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