Blown molding extrusion with accumulator

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Blow molding extrusion with accumulator

135ºC – 350ºC

How to use:
Barrel, screw and extrusion head

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1. Increase the temperature of the last screw section and accumulator approx. 30-50 ° C (if allowed by resin)
2. Purge with virgin resin to remove as much color.
3. Empty the barrel.
4. Load the hopper 2 times with virgin material according to Table 4 and added directly to the material EASYPURGE APC dose, as indicated in the same table.

Single Screw, L/D 30
DiameterAmount of virgin materialEASYPURGE APC dose
40 mm1,0 kg20 ml
50 mm1,5 kg30 ml
60 mm3,0 kg60 ml
70 mm5,0 kg100 ml
80 mm7,5 kg140 ml
90 mm10,0 kg200 ml
100 mm12,5 kg240 ml
120 mm22,5 kg400 ml
150 mm47,5 kg800 ml
200 mm82,5 kg1600 ml

5. Purge until it starts to come out and stop the machine.
6. Let react for 2 or 3 minutes.
7. Add more virgin material and purge increasing the maximum allowed speed.
(Due to the accumulation of gases, some small explosions may occur)
8.  Purge accumulator 25%.
9. Fill the accumulator.
10. Purge accumulator 50%.
11. Fill the accumulator.
12. Purge accumulator 75%.
13. Fill the accumulator.
14. Purge 100% Accumulator.
16.Repeat 4 to 14 to full system cleanup.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]